Jessica Simpson’s Workout Routine

Jessica Simpson is undeniably having one of the best bodies in the world. Interestingly enough, this fact has made some women threw some envious glances at her body. But there is actually no way to wallow in envy because Jessica’s weight loss plan is an open secret. Similar to other movie stars with fabulous bodies, Jessica embraced the concept of taking diet and highly strenuous workout routine to achieve the beautiful body she now enjoys flaunting. So if you want to be graced by her ultimate weight loss program, care to spare a few moments to read how her workout routine turned out.

Harley Pasternak, a noted Los Angeles trainer, was the brain behind the fitness plan of Jessica Simpson. In the fitness plan, Pasternak suggested that Jessica should work out five days every week for 25 minutes. This plan includes cardio with weight training and core exercises that have five phases. In addition to these, Jessica’s fitness plan also includes resistance band and weight lifting workouts. Hence, her house is almost transformed into a fitness gym which becomes a home of resistance bands and dumbbells weighing 3, 5, and 8 pounds. Of course, Jessica does not only benefit from her workout routine, but to her diet plan as well which allows her to eat five times a day. Five times is enough, according to her instructor, to avoid not making her feel deprived.

The fitness plan designed by Harley Pasternak has made Jessica to get moving on a stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical machine. She sits on these exercise equipment for 5 minutes a day as a cardio warm-up. This activity starts her daily workout routine in preparation for more strenuous and fat-burning activities. After the warm-up, Pasternak suggests a set of activities that aims to create a tip-top shape. These activities which include exercises such as chest files, rows, or chest pressures are meant to shape up the upper of body of Jessica. During the fourth and fifth days of the weekly routine, Jessica focuses on her shoulders and biceps by employing the weight lifting and resistance band workouts.

As to her lower extremities, Pasternak wants Jessica to have well defined muscles on her legs without forfeiting her feminine features. To achieve this, he suggests lower-body training exercises such as squats and lounges. These activities are not so strenuous and hardly light exercises which are just right to keep Jessica’s calves from getting bigger.

As to her tummy, Pasternak aims to unleash in Jessica her beautiful abs with masculine and sexy features. This he achieves by giving the movie star ab-strengthening set of exercise. Hence, Jessica does numerous crunches that target not only the mid section but the entire core region also. No wonder that Jessica exudes a different aura which invites prying eyes to stick on her abs every time she flaunts her beautiful body on the public.

This workout routine may not be appealing to people who do not want to expose their bodies in physical stress and strains. But looking at Jessica Simpson’s body will somehow change our mind since she has been greatly benefited and has enjoyed much being so beautifully sexy.

Source by Jesse L Regan

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