Terrell Owens Workout Routine – Secrets to a Ripped Body

Have you heard about the Terrell Owens workout routine?

Well ever since number 82, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys — Terrell Owens has been burning up the gridiron, everyone wants to know what exactly is the “secret” behind the Terrell Owens workout routine.

In fact, so many people wanted to know that Muscle and Fitness Magazine did an entire story on the Terrell Owens workout.

Here are some tips taken from the Terrell Owens workout and diet guide that is included with the new Terrell Owens resistance band home gym.

1. Use a split body training routine

2. Do one hour of cardio at least 4 times per week

3. Use resistance bands for your training… they cause less damage to your joints and muscles.

4. Warm-up for a minimum of seven minutes before each workout. (Terrell uses a stationary bike for his warm-ups)

5. Owens only strength trains 4 times per week

6. Use the super-set and muscle confusion principles

The Terrell Owens workout routine is not your typical “no pain — no gain” training program. Because as a football player he has sustained many injuries during his career– the emphasis is on safe but rapid strength and muscle gains.

Using resistance bands TO has found a fast and safe way to achieve incredible gains that in 2008 have already made him the number 2 ranked wide receiver in the NFL.

The Terrell Owens diet is one of the main reasons for his incredible ripped, muscularity. At 6 foot 3 and 218 pounds of lean muscle mass– it is very important that he eats correctly.

TO normally eats 5 to 6 meals consisting mainly of… salmon and chicken breasts. Spinach and broccoli are another favorite of his.

Recently Terrell owns was asked about his diet. Here’s what he said regarding his eating habits… “I had to learn not to eat just to get full, learn to eat 4 to 5 meals a day. Eating more often speeds up your metabolism.” TO also likes to do yoga, typically he stretches for 10 to 15 minutes before a game or practice session.

Source by Robert Deangelo

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