Build an Iron Core!

Core Exercises For Men

Building a strong core involves a lot more than endless crunches and flutter kicks. A strong core is representative of a solid foundation in basic, functional movements. These movements include squats, OH Press, Bench Press, deadlifts, pull-ups, bent-over rows, and power cleans. Developing good form with these exercises is important- don’t try to lift too much weight with sloppy form. All muscle growth revolves around muscle stimulation; a full range of motion is most advantageous for stimulating muscle fibers. You can incorporate accessory movements into your workout as well. However, if you are just starting out or getting back into the gym after a long break, only add one or two extra exercises. For example, you might do 5×5 on bench and then 3×8 on dips.

Core Exercises For Men

As you begin to develop your physique more, you can start to incorporate higher volume training. I personally saw tremendous results when I increased volume, especially on areas such as my back and chest. Make sure that you are eating a lot of nutritionally-sound food if you plan to up the volume. Expect your workout intensity to increase to meet the new demands of a stimulating program. Also, keep in mind that this type of training is well-suited for bulking phases. If you attempt something of this nature while on a cut you will find yourself at a loss for the energy and mental focus to complete your lifts. If you are an athlete in a power sport, this is for you! Here’s an example of my current back day to give you an idea of the amount of volume I do:

1. Rack Pulls 3×8 (heavy as you can on these)

2. Seated Cable Rows 3×12 (pull towards your upper abs)

3. Dumbbell Rows 3×12 (keep your arms close to your body and drive with your elbow- these are great for your lower lats!)

4. T-bar Rows 3×12 (pull towards your upper abs)

5. Chin-ups 3×8-12 (add weight using a belt if you can; make sure your palms are facing towards you, or supinated)

6. Lat Pull-downs 3×12 (I also do these supinated)

7. V-bar Pull-downs 3×12 (pull towards your lower chest)

8. Hyper-extensions 3×15 (self-explanatory, make sure you go all the way down and really control the weight)

9. Pullovers 3×15 (these are great for developing your serratus muscle, the muscle under your armpit)

Core exercises for men

As you can see, that is a ton of volume! 27 sets of 12 reps, that’s 324 reps! If you are ready to take your training to the next level and really see some gains, try re-formatting your workouts based around high-volume training. I personally recommend this and I know that you will be satisfied with your results! Also keep in mind how my back workout is focused around core, compound lifts. I am then able to really isolate certain fibers with accessory movements.

Source by Jon Chambers

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