Corrections Officer Workout Routine – How To Pass The Test

Are you ready for the corrections officer physical fitness test?

If your answer is no, or you are in okay shape but need a little bit more work then keep reading. I’ve included some really simple workout tips in this article that will improve your strength, conditioning, and overall fat to muscle content.

The truth is some recruits have sailed through the correctional officer fitness test, while others have struggled mightily. I know if you are reading this article, you are dead serious about improving your overall fitness level. That’s why I’ve written this article to help those candidates who are serious about getting a passing score on their corrections officer PFT.

You see, the corrections officer fitness test standards are different from agency to agency, but all of them are looking for recruits who are in shape. Seriously you don’t want to show up to the test site out of shape or grossly overweight. Trust me if that happens, you might as well kiss your opportunity goodbye.

Here’s how to get in shape fast:

The number one thing that you want to do when training for the law enforcement fitness test is to follow a workout routine that incorporates both strength training and cardiovascular improvement. If you do one without the other, you won’t pass the test. The best workout program that incorporates both strength development and cardiovascular improvement is interval training.

If you don’t know much about high intensity interval training, I suggest that you study up on this powerful workout program. If you include interval training to your regular training routine, you’ll get into shape faster than you ever thought possible.

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