Fed Up With Your Workout Routine To Build Muscle?

Is your workout to build muscle not doing what it says on the ‘tin.?’ Wonder why you’re doing everything right but there’s only a slight difference in your appearance after weeks of long training spells in the gym, all that money you’ve spent on supplements and perhaps steroids and the promise of a sexy toned body has not materialized, leaving you frustrated and ready to give up!

Maybe it’s time to look at another form of generating muscle naturally without supplements, tiring workouts in the gym or buying expensive equipment to put in the spare bedroom, that will eventually end up collecting dust! You don’t need any of it. First a few facts on the fitness industry. supplements consist of unhealthy ingredients, like rice flour, artificial flavours and sweeteners plus sugars. They are not going to do your insides any good at all. Steroids are dicey, they could become addictive, they are expensive at around 500 to 1000 dollars per month. Their side effects include, high blood pressure; a very serious condition, baldness, acne, man boobs – fancy them?! All these fitness magazines are owned by supplement organizations; bet you didn’t know that!

Basically, what you need are inexpensive wholesome, natural flavoured foods to feed your muscles, which will work along side a sensible training guide. A Muscle Building plan will take you through everything you need to know from the must do to the don’t do.

You do need to be committed, with a dose of self discipline and a few spoonfuls of sacrifice. That’s the recipe to a workout routine to build muscle mass and you will have that sexy toned up body just waiting for the ladies to get their hands on in less than six months time, starting now! Following the physical exercise of the pro body builder you’ll find in that magazine you’ve just bought does not mean that you will end up looking like the final product. The reason for this is, you won’t have the same genetics.

The average individual like you and me do not need to spend every given spare second in the gym, it’s a waste of time and energy and could have a harmful effect on your body. Body mass grows when you’re resting, not exercising. Perform two unique muscle crunching sets. Train each muscle twice every five days. It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, bot bellied or skinny, it will make a difference and that difference could be the life changing tonic you need. How does three hours of weight training per week sound – good. Just two unique muscle crunching sets, train two muscles twice every five days. Boy this just gets better and better. Start making those changes today!

Source by Simon Greenhalgh

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